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Nate Marsh

I chose the major because I believe that the best way to understand our own culture is through the texts that we create. By looking at our texts, we can better understanding humanity. Also, I love books. 

I’m active. I like to be involved with everything, sometimes too much. But that’s the beauty of Ursinus–there is so much that you can do, in and out of the classroom.


English and MCS


Wrestling, Tour Guide, RA

My Experience

I worked at the Williamson Free Trade School in Media PA. I worked in the advancement office to help raise money for the college.

Life After Ursinus

My goal is to become a national champ in wrestling as well as a scholastic All-American. Eventually, I wish to coach and also create a non-profit organization for wrestling programs in inner cities, as well as colleges. I hope to revive many collegiate programs that were lost in the 1980s and 1990s.