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Irina Lessne

I knew Ursinus was the perfect home for me when I first entered the gates for the first time and had my tour/interview. Right now I am a Junior here at Ursinus and have loved every minute of my time here so far. I am a hard working individual who believes that a positive attitude and determination never to give up are the keys to living a happy, successful life.

Since I was a young girl, I have always had a passion for writing. I love the way that even the most simplistic occurrences can be brought to life through the written word. I love that Ursinus offers such a variety of English courses ranging from the standard Intro to Creative Writing to the more imaginative Myth/Fairy Tale, to Monsters and the Middle Ages and others. All of these classes give students the opportunity to become exposed to a wide range of literature and writing styles and feel comfortable sharing their opinions and work with other students .

While I have had my ups and downs at Ursinus, I have not let my triumphs get to my head, or my failures break me down. Instead, I have learned to let them build me up and help me grow into a stronger person.

Class Year



Potomac, Maryland




Spanish/Creative Writing


I am a lifeguard at the Ursinus Pool.


I hope to either Study Abroad in London in the Spring (CAPA London Spring 2015) or attend Cambridge University’s Creative Writing Program in the summer of 2015.

My Experience

In my free time, I enjoy hanging out with friends, shopping, working out, laughing, writing, watching TV, listening to music, and living my life to the fullest, with a smile on my face at all times.

During the school week, I spend a lot of time reading novels, writing for my various English classes, and working out. When I am not in class, doing homework or exercising, you can find me hanging out with my beautiful Sorority Sisters.

Life After Ursinus

I would love to one day become a children’s author and help illuminate the mind of young readers.