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Isabella Esser-Munera

I’ve always loved reading. I’ve given up trying to justify my nerdom.  I just love tracing people and their stories—hence my double major.  I think it’s incredibly powerful to be able to both express and evoke something; stories are unique in that way. They arrest and inspire just as emotionally as they do intellectually.  There’s something to be said about the difficulty of knowing not just the right thing to say but how to say it, when to say it. Books have the power to make things matter.   

Over the summer I completed the Summer Fellows research program. I’ve never been so intellectually challenged in my life. My professor was so good at teasing out my ideas and pushing back. Way back, to considerations and philosophical inquiry and historical relevance and cultural context and a whole lot of things I had no idea existed, much less connected so interestingly to my project. I discovered in myself an obsession with socio-linguistics.

My internship was working at nHouse Publishing over the summer.  Because it is such a small company, I was fortunate to work hands-on in the editorial department, focusing at the time on three erotica novels and helping to interview and create the author biographies for the back-flaps.

I’d like to continue learning at a graduate level, but I haven’t chosen among the multitude of possibilities out there. Recently I’ve become interested in education and politics; it would be an incredible opportunity to apply my skills to writing policy.

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