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Mara Koren

When I was little I loved coming up with wildly non-imaginative games about living on a farm or living in a boarding house or living in a tree house. What I liked most was inventing the characters for these games, what their personalities would be like and how they would interact with each other. That’s what I love about writing and reading: in many ways it’s a study of people.

Both of the creative writing classes I’ve taken (intro and fiction) have been great. It’s so cool to write something and have an entire class seriously discuss it, and it’s made me a much stronger writer. I love reading other people’s stories, too, and seeing all the differing perspectives.

I hope to study abroad sometime during my junior year. I’m so excited by the prospect of getting to live in a completely new place and learn all about it.

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Baltimore, MD




Creative Writing, Latin


 The Lantern literary magazine, staff.  Literary Society.