The Berman Museum of Art is a place where both students and alumni can obtain the valuable hands-on experience of curating exhibitions. The summer 2011 exhibition, Liminality and the Ephemera: to Enter and Exit, Mark Unmark, featuring recent graduates of The Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts, is curated by Menaka Gopalan, Class of 2007. She is also an artist participating in the exhibition.


Art critic Victoria Donohue says the exhibition “turns the spotlight on a flexible, imaginative approach to looking at work by eight recent master of fine arts graduates from the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts.”


An exhibition of works by graduates of the Master of Fine Arts program at the Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts, offering a vision into the process of making art, its ephemeral nature, and engagement with the in-between, deconstructing and reconstructing, veiling and revealing in medium, ritual, space, time, identity, gender, body, and consciousness.


This exhibition is curated by Ursinus Alumna.


All Berman exhibitions and programs are free and open to the public