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Nina Petry

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Born in São Paulo, Brazil, living in New York City




Finance & Accounting and African-American & Africana Studies


I am a co-founder and the Vice-President of Feminists in Action. I currently work as a Resident Advisor in a first-year hall, as a Peer Associate at the Center for Career and Professional Development, and as a Writing Ambassador at the Study Abroad Office. In the past, I have participated in the Bioethics Club and proposed a programmatic theme for a SPINT house.


The English major is an outlet for curiosity. My favorite classes are those that emphasize applicable and transferable skills rather than specific information. We learn how to communicate thoroughly, which allows us to research, read and understand topics in almost any discipline. The English major opens doors to everything, creating truly well-rounded, engaged students.

When I heard of Ursinus for the first time, I knew that this is where I wanted to be. Today, I am not disappointed — I am eager to represent Ursinus and work to improve it. UC has allowed me to be everything that I want to be. The “Liberal Arts Plus” model of which President Bobby Fong spoke comes alive every day, in a combination of challenging courses and activities that mirror life after college. I am an English major, but also a student of Finance. On top of that, I have taken amazing classes that range from Neuroscience to Religious Studies. The extent of Ursinus’ academics has allowed me to develop and combine quantitative and qualitative skills — a useful ability for my positions on and off campus.