Center for Writing and Speaking

Sean Clark

What I Love about Writing

I love writing because it is powerful and allows the reader to connect with many different perspectives.

Class Year



Nashville, TN


Applied Economics, French


Management Studies


I love to learn.  It’s my absolute favorite thing and any day I don’t spend engaged or pushing myself to be involved is a bad day!

How I Stay Involved

Aside from classes, I’m involved in many clubs.  I serve as the treasurer for the French Club (le Cercle Francais) and am a member of SUN, the Investment Club, and the Federal Reserve Challenge Team. I’m currently tutoring in both French and working in the Center for Writing and Speaking.  Otherwise, I love spending time with friends and meeting new people on campus.

Life After Ursinus

I’m hoping to continue studying business in graduate school and earn an MBA.  I eventually want to work as an executive in any industry that helps better society, but am particularly interested in medicine, biotech, and pharmaceuticals.