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Amanda Steyaert

I thoroughly enjoy reading literature and learning more about the culture and society  literature represents.  By studying the English language, I am working to perfect my reading and writing skills so that I can articulate my thoughts in such a way that others can better understand me, and I so that I can develop a better understanding of the thoughts of others.  One of my favorite experiences as an English major at Ursinus has been learning and using the different forms of literary criticism when analyzing literature.  Through the use of different perspectives when reading a piece of writing, I can really broaden my interpretation of the literature and develop a greater understanding of the culture the author is trying to portray. 

Professors here are always encouraging students to find new insights and develop new interpretations of literature that help to widen the students’ understanding of what is being read.  Providing readers with new perspectives when reading literature is really what I enjoy most about being an English major.

Class Year



Pottstown, PA


English and Spanish


Taijutsu Club and GSA.  I’m also a Spanish Tutor, and I work part-time in Wismer.

How I Stay Involved

My experience here at Ursinus has been a pleasure.  Through Ursinus’ partnership with Acclamo I have been able to teach ESL (English as a Second Language) to non-native speakers, helping Spanish-Speaking citizens assimilate better with the American language and culture.  I’ve also started a Spanish book club for adults through the Pottstown Regional Library in Pottstown, PA.  In this club, members read a piece of Spanish literature and hold periodic meetings discussing the plot, themes, and analysis of the book being read.  This book club helps to bring the local Spanish community closer together in an academic setting.  I will also be spending the summer of 2015 in Lima, Peru doing a student-teacher internship teaching English in a local elementary school.  In the future, I hope to teach Spanish as well as support the Hispanic community by giving them the opportunity to learn English and better support themselves as part of the American public.