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Christine Saraco

I declared an English major after my first English class at Ursinus: Methods in Literature.  Unlike many courses I had taken in high school, I felt like this class finally helped me see that studying literature depended on how I interpreted the work, not on what someone else told me.  I remember spending almost the entire hour-long class period on Elizabeth Bishop’s poem “One Art.”  As the meaning of the piece slowly became clear to me, I realized how much of an emotional connection I had established with this poem.  The coolest part of being an English major for me is discovering authors from hundreds of years ago who have written things that speak to my own life.


My English classes at Ursinus have opened my eyes to how studying famous works of literature in a classroom can lead to actual change in the “real world.”  In my opinion, it’s the best major there is for understanding how our society got to be the way it is today and why people act the way they do.  And, there’s simply no better way to spend 4 years in college than getting to read books and talk about them.

The best thing about Ursinus is that it has really helped me step out of my comfort zone.  In Fall 2013, I think I fulfilled every English major’s dream by studying abroad in London, which including seeing Macbeth at Shakespeare’s Globe and walking in the footsteps of Mrs. Dalloway.  While there, I also did an internship at a children’s charity.  This past summer, I completed an independent research project analyzing issues of rape and consent in the fiction of 20th-century author Jean Rhys. 

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Elkins Park, PA




Secondary Education


I am a tutor in the Center for Writing, a consultant for the Mellon Teaching and Learning Initiative, an Admissions Office intern, and a Tour Guide.  In addition, I am Vice President of Sigma Tau Delta, the English Honor society

Life After Ursinus

Currently, I’m student-teaching 10th grade English at a local high school and getting to share all of the things I’ve learned at Ursinus.  After graduation, I hope to continue working as a high school English teacher and eventually become involved in educational administration and curriculum design.