Berman Museum

Diary of the One Swelling Sea


What would it be like to step outside our lives and into someone else’s day-to-day existence? To experience something bigger than we are, bigger than all of humanity? How would it feel to live as deep and long as the sea, to love a moon so far away you could never touch her, only show her your adoration in millions of shimmering waves? 

In Diary of the One Swelling Sea, visual artist Corinne Duchesne, composer Garrett Hope, and poet Jill McCabe Johnson have created an alternate world in which to contemplate and connect with the sea, the earth, and cosmos. Combining large-scale drawings, original poems, and newly composed music, the exhibition is an invitation to step into oceanic experience and feel the surge and sympathy of one’s own inner tides.

This interdisciplinary collaboration between poet Jill McCabe Johnson, visual artist Corinne Duchesne and composer and Ursinus Visiting Professor Garrett Hope, asks visitors to fully engage with three different modes of artistic expression. The resultant work can be experienced through May 16 in the Upper Gallery of the Philip and Muriel Berman Museum of Art.

This interdisciplinary collaboration between three extraordinary artists asks visitors to the Berman to fully engage with different modes of artistic expression—the visual, the literary, and the musical.


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