Philadelphia photographer Brian H. Peterson has selected a smorgasbord of pictures and prose that explores his spiritual life and the art and practice of photography. He is inspired by the English writer E. M. Forster’s insight into the need for connection in our lives – “only connect.”


A critically acclaimed author, Peterson has chosen excerpts from his two published memoirs, The Smile at the Heart of Things (2009) and The Blossoming of the World (2011), to create an exhibition that explores the connections between word and image in his own work.


Peterson discusses his photographs using written statements that offer a window into the creative process. His Earth Music series (1993-1997) started with a simple fascination with the “outside” of things, “particularly how complex, textured surfaces can be rendered with such exquisite beauty through the precise alchemy of the lens.” The from … to series (1993-1994) began with a playful desire to move in the opposite direction—to break free from the constraints of the pristine photographic print and find out if anything would emerge from a more spontaneous way of working.


Of the Interior Light series (2003-2004), he says that “making photographs, for me, has usually involved packing up my stuff and going places: Montana, Arizona, a local park, or maybe somebody’s home to do a portrait. It never occurred to me that there were pictures to be found inside my house as well as outside.”