October 20, 2013 - January 12, 2014

A to Z: Highlighting the Berman Collection

A to Z: Highlighting the Berman Collection is an alphabetically arranged selection of artwork based on the first letter of an artist’s last name – a wry reflection on the imperfections inherent in the traditional chronological presentation of works of art.

This exhibition is organized by Museum Director Charles Stainback, working with Ursinus students Mary Altamuro, Mara Berzins, Kelsey Bullington-Hodge, Ann Crowley, Rachael Frawley, Emily Immel, So Jung Kim, Cecelia Marquez, Ozana Plemenitash, Olivia Schultz, and Kyra Tan-Tiongco in a special Museum Studies class taught by Matt Shoaf, Professor of Art History.

All Berman exhibitions and programs are free and open to the public