Center for Writing and Speaking

Brian Leipold

What I Love about Writing

My favorite thing about writing is the freedom to create. An evocative poem creates feelings through a unique arrangement of words. A work of fiction creates worlds and people that would otherwise never exist. Even academic writing brings together information and ideas in new ways, presenting a worldview unlike that of anyone else. As a writer, I am given the power to create any of these works–or anything else I want. The ability to craft something entirely new and unique using the same 26 letters that have been in use for centuries is truly exhilarating.

Class Year



Kennett Square, PA




Secondary Education, German, Theater

How I Stay Involved

I am periodically active in Ursinus’s Theater department, either onstage or behind the scenes. As far as clubs, I am regularly involved in Breakaway Student Productions, the student theater group on campus, as well as the men’s club volleyball team.

Life After Ursinus

Though I am loathe to think about leaving this wonderful campus, I do hope to work as a high school English teacher following my graduation.

An Unusual Fact About Me

I am anomsic, which means I have no sense of smell whatsoever (the equivalent of blind or deaf).