Career and Post-Graduate Development

Headshot of Adam Schwemin
Headshot of Adam Schwemin

Adam Schwemin

Delivery Experience Specialist, Tesla Motors, Inc.

How did you get your start in the field?

I focused on Tesla for all projects during my senior year at Ursinus. I was given a part-time position immediately following graduation and then proved how hard I was willing to work and how devoted I was to the company. I was promoted to full-time a year and a half after I graduated from college.


Business and Economics, Environmental Studies

Current Position

Delivery Experience Specialist


Tesla Motors, Inc.


I do everything possible to ensure that my customers have the best delivery experience possible. In the two or three months that clients are waiting for their custom-built car, I am available to answer all questions, guide them through financing, coordinate a time for delivery. On delivery day, I also give a comprehensive orientation of the vehicle to ensure that customers are comfortable with its functionality. I work very closely with many teams in the company including but not limited to: AutoFinance, DMV, Sales, Service, Sales Admin, and the Trade-in Team. 

Impact of Ursinus

Because I knew that Tesla was my goal, I focused on it completely during my senior year. Every project and report targeted the company. I actually sent a recruiter my Business & Economics capstone paper to show just how interested I was which, in my opinion, is what landed me the opportunity.

Piece of Advice

It is okay to take a part-time job straight out of college if you know that it will help you reach your end goal.

Paying It Forward

I’m happy to give advice and answer questions about the working world after Ursinus. Whenever my team is hiring, I’m happy to pass the information along to current students.