Parlee Center for Science and the Common Good

  • Portrait of Allison Arinaga

Allison Arinaga

Alumni Parlee Center Fellow 

I have always been interested in science and how it can be utilized to improve the quality and safety of human life. I hope to someday combine my love of science with my passion for environmental issues through a career in environmental research. Being a Parlee Center fellow will enable me to communicate effectively with both science and non-science audiences and better understand the implications that science has on society.

My Major / Minor / Campus Organizations

Major in Chemistry / Minor in Spanish / UCEA, Wind Ensemble

My Research

In the spring of 2014 I began working in the inorganic lab of chemistry professor, Dr. Brian Pfennig, where I have used photochemistry and electrochemistry to examine the nature of mixed-valence compounds. Specifically, I have been working with the anti-tumor drug, carboplatin, and analyzing the mixed-valence compounds it forms with iron and ruthenium compounds.

My Favorite Parlee Center Events

My Parlee Center Fellows Courses

POL-399 (Science and the Common Good); SOC-295 (Sociology of Medicine); ENV-288 (Animals and Society); MCS-256 (Decoding Science); PHIL-240 (Ethics)

My Parlee Center Civic Internship

I spent nine weeks of the summer working at Research, Conditions and Disease Categorization (RCDC) at the NIH. This organization creates categories so that the public and Congress can see what scientific areas a grant falls into and how  much money is spent on each research topic. During my internship I was able to develop my own categories on drug development and discovery as well as listen to scientific experts debate how to define other categories. This enabled me to learn how to more effectively use scientific language and to better communicate science to the public. My experience at RCDC helped me to better understand how science, the government, and the public intersect. 

Life After Ursinus

The Parlee Center has helped me recognize the importance of ethics and communication in science. I hope to someday apply what I have learned at Ursinus to a career in environmental research so that I can effectively communicate science to the public.