American Studies

Photo of Khalilah Baber
Photo of Khalilah Baber

Khalilah Baber

Why American Studies?

I chose American Studies because it explores such a wide range of American Culture, as well as our relationships with other Cultures. One starts to question what one reads with a whole new eye.


American Studies


Certification in Secondary Education


Resident Advisor for Sprankle Hall, Vice President of Students Today and Leaders Tomorrow, American Reads Tutor, Sankofa Umoja Nia member. Also a sister of Sigma Sigma Sigma.


I am a student who loves to learn and am fascinated by the new things I learn every day.  I have not done any independent research yet but I do hope to possibly intern somewhere that is focused on helping our future generation get to College and make that possible. When I look ahead I see myself teaching hopefully social studies, and sharing my love for history. If not that, without a doubt I plan on working with students in some fashion.