American Studies

Photo of Axel González with a snowball
Photo of Axel González with a snowball

Axel González

Why American Studies?

I chose American Studies because I have come to realize that one cannot study a people’s literature without learning of the historical context of that people in the same way that one cannot study the history of a people without studying their narratives and stories. One cannot fully understand oppression, suffering, inequality without studying sociological theories that explain those injustices along with the history of those injustices. I chose American Studies mainly because being limited to a particular field, I felt, would leave me with an incomplete education. American Studies allows me to explore my many interests as it is a commitment to learn about the multitude of injustices present in American culture and the multitude of ways we need in order to resist them and create a more just and spiritually fulfilling society.


American Studies w/ concentration in History


Environmental Studies, Gender and Women Studies, Philosophy


Ursinus Chapel, Organic Farm, ALMA, 2014 Ursinus Organic Farm Director