American Studies

Photo of Edgar Emmanuel Torres
Photo of Edgar Emmanuel Torres

Edgar Emmanuel Torres

Why American Studies?

I chose American Studies because I have an  obsession to learn about everything. I did not like to focus deeply into any particular subject. I noticed that everything connects on the planet and if I only have knowledge of one area, I would miss the fruits that lay beneath another tree. AMST helps students to grasp a large pool of knowledge that all intertwines, helping the students develop a critical intellect. I enjoy it most because there are mostly papers to write. Through a paper there is always space for mistakes and expression. I think it is important to be able to learn how to articulate an idea while introducing outside knowledge to the specific subject. AMST helps students think outside the box. These classes are mostly special because there are so many surprises. Each class is like uncovering a new treasure and having no idea what it is when you find it.


American Studies with a concentration in Sociology




Bible Study, Volleyball, Basketball, Badminton, Community Service


Bonner Leaders, ALMA, SUN, Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity Inc.


I’m an average young man from New York. I have a lot of confidence and enthusiasm. I put a lot of effort into things I care about, so I try to make everything I do something I care about! I love to listen and talk. I enjoy heated discussion where I can discuss controversial ideas and learn something from the other side. I love challenges. Challenges are the fuel of my existence. I cannot live without music. I connect with music through everything I do. At all times of the day music is flowing into my ears (particularly underground rap and reggae). I dislike when I speak with someone and they cannot talk through a conflict. I think that we can all for the most part be at peace if we were able to be patient with others to listen and discuss things rather than become frustrated. I have a very different range of friends. All of them offer me something beautiful and I try to grow with what they all offer to me. If you ever see me at Ursinus you can catch me in the basement floor of the library, in the Olin commons sitting on the stoop, running around campus, or getting coffee and a few apples in the morning at Wismer. I am always open and make time for people that need or want it.