American Studies

Photo of Lauren Marano
Photo of Lauren Marano

Lauren Marano

Why American Studies?

 I chose American Studies because it is flexible enough to allow me to double major as well as study abroad.  I enjoy the variety of classes American Studies offers.  The major doesn’t just offer a general understanding of a subject.  Instead, it provides a plethora of topics that explore the intricacies of the construction of American society and dissects American platitudes that have become accepted rather than analyzed.


English and American Studies


Writing Fellow, Jazz Ensemble Pianist


Study Abroad

I studied abroad in Florence, Italy during Fall 2013 semester.  As an American Studies major with a sociology concentration, my experience abroad has provided insight into the lives of people from various cultures and societies.  I lived with an Italian family and met many other students who stayed in the house during my three month stint.  This semester abroad sparked my Wanderlust and I have since travelled to Ireland as well as Malawi. 

Most Memorable Moment in Class

The American Studies Robert Johnson class was one of my favorite classes.  It explored the mysterious life of Robert Johnson, a blues musician.  I loved learning about a topic that had ambiguous and questionable conclusions about the life Johnson led and his death.  I was able to combine my interest in hip hop music with the class during our final project.  Not only was I able to express this interest academically, but I was also able to create an artistic piece to accompany my research. 


I researched the construction of the Black Female Hip Hop Identity in America for my Sociology capstone.  I also wrote a paper for my English Senior Seminar class that explores John Steinbeck’s depiction of religion in his novel, The Grapes of Wrath.