Parlee Center for Science and the Common Good

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Peter Eisenhauer

Parlee Center Alumni Fellow

I always thought that I was drawn to science from a young age simply because of curiosity and a desire to know more about the world around me. However, as a Parlee Center fellow, I have found that my true love for science stems from a belief in the utility of science, and the potential of science to change lives. I hope to work in translational research in the future, which will allow me to apply the knowledge of science in a way that can benefit humanity. As a loftier goal, I hope to inspire an enhanced belief in the validity and legitimacy of scientific research amongst the general public through involvement in science advocacy and public policy. 

Major/Minor/Campus Organizations

Major in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology 

My Research

My research at Ursinus takes place in the laboratory of Professor Rebecca Roberts where we, broadly speaking, investigate the effects of environmental stimulants in a murine model of Systemic Lupus Erythematosus (SLE). Specifically, my work investigates the effects of lipopolysaccharide on surface molecule expression on splenic B-lymphocytes through the use of flow cytometry. Insights into surface molecule expression can help us to understand how the immune system responds to environmental stimulants in SLE. 

My Favorite Parlee Center Event

My favorite speaker was Dr.Tyrone Hayes, who sparked a very interesting campus-wide discussion regarding the role of the researching scientist in society. 

My CSCG Fellow Courses

POL-399 (Science and the Common Good); POL-354 (Global Health)

Life After Ursinus

Science has always been my passion – the Parlee Center helped me to understand why. My continual goal is to be an active member of the scientific community and to show others the benefits of scientific knowledge.