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Photo of Kathleen Sontag
Photo of Kathleen Sontag

Kathleen Sontag

Impact of Ursinus

Ursinus College taught me how to think creatively and read effectively. Most importantly, Ursinus afforded me time to grow up and gave me the opportunity to learn how to live as an adult, without coddling from my parents.

What is your favorite UC memory?

My favorite UC memory was graduation day. What an exuberant and emotional experience to know that all of your hard work had paid off and that your life in the real world was about to start.

Piece of Advice

Find what you love to do and find someone to pay you to do it. A job is one thing, but a career can be incredibly satisfying and can really make working for a living a joy, not a hardship.

Why I Support UC

I give to Ursinus out of appreciation for the four incredible years I spent there.

Why should others consider making a gift to Ursinus?

If you appreciate the opportunities you’ve had, due to your experience at Ursinus, you, too, should consider making a gift to your alma mater.