Parlee Center for Science and the Common Good

  • ??Kevin Monahan in Ursinus Football uniform

Kevin Monahan

CSCG Fellow

I am involved with a variety of organizations at school aside from the CSCG that include: member of the football team for the last four years, Senior Admissions Fellow, tour guide, research and multiple honor societies. Being a fellow for the CSCG has opened me up to a variety of opportunities involved with public healthcare, a field I am strongly interested in. I have always loved working with people and that initially fueled my interest in the medical field since getting to Ursinus.  Through a work experience abroad and an internship involved with medicine, I have become extremely interested in healthcare access to under-served populations while continuing a career as a physician. I have met so many people that work in this field through the CSCG and they have inspired me to continue my academic journey into medicine and public health. After Ursinus I hope to continue my involvement with public health following the completion of medical school. 

My Major / Minor / Campus Organizations

Major in Biology  / Minor in Spanish / Football, Tour Guide, Senior Admissions Fellow, Research, Beta Beta Beta Biology Honors Society, Pre-Med Society   

My Research

I have completed 3 semesters of research with a physiology professor in the Biology department. Her research focuses on the cardiovascular system; specifically, the study of cardiac stress in mice. Students in the past have done comparisons between male and females.  Cardiac muscle cells are isolated in order to measure sarcomere shortening in electrically-stimulated myocytes and male and female differences are noted. Also, the mechanisms of pregnancy-induced hypertrophy in females have been studied recently using immunochemistry. Doing research I learned the importance of persistence, patience and attention to deal in the lab. I conducted my own independent research during the spring semester of my senior year.

 My Favorite CSCG Events

  • Dr. Richard Heinzl
  • ISGP Conference
  • Dr. Tyrone Hayes 

My CSCG Courses

POL-399 (Science and the Common Good); SPAN-308 (Culture and Medicine); IDS-110 (Global Health); PHIL-246 (Biomedical Ethics); BIO-350 (Pandemics and Preparedness); PSYC-260 (Mental Health-Abnormalities); BIO-350 (Safeguarding the American Food Supply) 

My CSCG Civic Internship

I worked as an intern for FIMRC while living with a family in the community of Las Selinas, Nicaragua. FIMRC is an organization that focuses on medical relief of children by working with the local health centers and pediatricians in the area. I worked in the pediatric clinic when the pediatrician did consults, helped in the pharmacy, made door to door rounds in the community, shadowed in the hospital and even had the opportunity to work with the school system. Each intern was also required to complete an independent project in the community as well. My project focused on physical fitness and nutritional health in the local schools.

Life After Ursinus

I am currently pursuing a career in medicine at Penn State Hershey College of Medicine.