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Photo of Brian Taylor
Photo of Brian Taylor

Brian Taylor

1. How did your language major help you after UC?

Being a language major has enabled me to expand my horizon of communication with the world. It inspired me to live abroad and use the skills that I have developed over the past four years. It has facilitated the exploration of Spain and has allowed me to discover new people, places, and things.

2. What was your most rewarding experience in your language major? 

The reward was the journey. Therefore the process of completing the requirements of the Spanish major was the most rewarding experience for me. Throughout my four years of higher education, I had the privilege of being exposed to a variety of great professors both abroad and at Ursinus. The working relationships that I had to opportunity to develop with my professors are things that I will always hold in a high regard when I look back at my experience as language major.


Spanish, Business and Economics


Latin American Studies

Current Position

I am working as an English Teacher in Madrid, Spain