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Veroneka Mikhail


In the summer of 2014, I was part of the FUTURE program where I worked in the psychology lab with Dr. Stevenson and Emily Black. We researched whether autistic individuals’ auditory processing differs from that of neurotypical individuals. This research was expanded upon the fact that autistic individuals possess a local advantage, meanwhile neurotypical individuals possess a global advantage when it comes to visual processing. We focused on global and local auditory processing and whether they differ depending on the degree of autistic traits each individual possess.

What was valuable about the experience

The most valuable part of FUTURE for me was getting to experience hands-on, one-on-one research outside the classroom. I got to experience many new challenges working with participants and met a lot of fellow UC students that I am still friends with today.

The coolest part of the experience

The coolest part of my research was getting to run an EEG on my participants. In the FUTURE program I was able to get certified by the NIH and test actual student participants. As a Biology major on a pre-med track it is very rare to be able to test participants so early in a college career. 

Who I met that made a difference

I got to know to met Dr. Stevenson, her mentorship and guidance through out this research not only taught me about psychological testing but also about faculty-student interactions and having patience and determination in a research lab. Dr. Stevenson and Emily Black encouraged me to expand my knowledge in the medical field and because of them I have decided to minor in psychology.

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Community Tutoring- Student Coordinator, and Intervarsity Christian Fellowship.