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Christina Fisher


This past semester I conducted Psychology research with Dr. Chambliss; our research in general focused on mobile phone use and its relationship with many different variables, such as depression, personality traits, empathy and attachment patterns. Each of us in our research group concentrated on a specific area that we found interesting. My research in particular examined the presence of depression and its relationship to loneliness, self-esteem, and attachment patterns.

What Was Valuable About the Experience

For me, it was very valuable to be able to apply the statistical tests and research steps, that I have previously learned about in my research methods class, to real-life hands on research.  It was very valuable to have the opportunity to collaborate with other students in a research setting and present my findings at CoSA. It has helped me improve my public speaking skills and will help me prepare for graduate school.

The Coolest Part of the Experience

The coolest part was that I was able to conduct research on an area that is personally important to me, which allowed me to become very excited and passionate about my research findings. Presenting at CoSA was very rewarding and honorable for me.  Participating in research has allowed me to discover a passion for it. Now, I have become very interested in research and I am interested in pursuing more research opportunities in the future.

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Philadelphia, PA


Psychology and French


Fighting for Ophelia, Best Buddies, To Write Love On Her Arms, InterVarsity Christian Fellowship, Kappa Delta Kappa Sorority, and Psi Chi