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Photo of Erin Stroble
Photo of Erin Stroble

Erin Stroble

Current Position

Associate Athletic Director

Impact of Ursinus

Ursinus College has had an impact on every part of my life, professionally and personally. In my professional life, after graduating in 2002 I was fortunate enough to return to Ursinus in 2004 as the Head Women’s Lacrosse Coach and have worked here ever since. Personally, in 2005, an Ursinus co-worker introduced me to my now-husband, Albert, and we moved to Collegeville in 2008. My daughters, Anna and Claire, love coming to Ursinus to watch athletic events, play in the gym, take swimming lessons and eat in the “restaurant”. And, my interactions with the students, faculty and staff at Ursinus are a daily reminder of the importance of the Ursinus community and how it has shaped almost every aspect of my life.  

What is your favorite UC memory?

Most of my happiest memories are of my experiences playing lacrosse for Ursinus, particularly winning the 1999 and 2001 Centennial Conference championships. I also have fond memories of late-night study sessions in a newly renovated Pfahler Hall where a group of us did a lot of math and computer science as well as a lot of dancing, laughing and playing made-up competitive games with erasers and keychains. I was a senior in the fall of 2001 when 9/11 occurred and I remember a strong sense of everyone on campus pulling together to support one another, as well as watching the sky, eerily empty of planes, in the following week from the Pfahler roof. (That last one isn’t my “favorite” but certainly was memorable.)

Piece of Advice

Talk to as many people as you can during your time at Ursinus. Go out of your comfort zone, put down your cell phone and actually talk to people. Get to know classmates, teammates, hallmates and alumni on a personal basis. Speak to professors and staff members directly–don’t just email!  The people really are what it’s all about!

Why I Support UC

I see firsthand how valuable donors’ dollars are to the experience of every student at Ursinus and I recognize that my gift has a positive impact on the life of someone with whom I share a valuable bond. I designate my gift to athletics because that is where my heart is, but I love that everyone can choose their own area for their donation.  

Why should others consider making a gift to Ursinus?

Giving back maintains your connection to this great place and helps to ensure that future classes can continue to benefit from all that UC has to offer.