Modern Languages

Benita Lüttcher-Hoorfar
Benita Lüttcher-Hoorfar

Benita Lüttcher-Hoorfar

Ms. Luttcher grew up in Germany, where she received a B.A. at the Universitaet Hannover, as well as her teaching certificate (1. und 2. Staatsexamen).

She completed an M.A. in German at the University of Colorado at Boulder where she also taught Beginning and Intermediate German courses.

Ms. Luttcher teaches all levels of German at Ursinus and greatly enjoys sharing her native language and culture with her students.


Modern Languages


GER101/102 Elementary German

GER111/112 Intermediate German

GER201/202 Conversation & Composition

GER251 Introduction to German Literature

GER252 German Literature and Film

GER315 Germany Today

GER335 Independent Study in German