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Shawn Caven


Shawn was an American Studies major at Ursinus and a captain of the lacrosse team. He earned teaching certification in social studies, doing his student teaching in ancient history at Spring-Ford High School. He went on to teach English in Nagoya, Japan, at the KEC English School.

Impact of Ursinus

I am very grateful for the meaningful relationships I have made while at Ursinus College; that’s why I’m able to write all the way from Japan! I am now living in Nagoya, Japan, teaching English to students from the age of 4 all the way to adults, and I could not be more excited.

The Education program at Ursinus gave me all of the tools necessary to have this amazing opportunity. Although I am certified in social studies, the big ideas and transfer goals of the program have helped to make me a great teacher. As a professor once told me, ‘good teaching is good teaching no matter what subject.’ This comment stuck with me and gave me the confidence that I can tackle the challenges of teaching English to Japanese students. Learning how to write lesson plans with clear objectives and goals is helping me make an impact on students in a big way. The Education professors at Ursinus were always supportive and helped to shape the best me possible, and the department secretary, Carol Royce, is an amazing person who helps all of the students with everything you can imagine.

I am so grateful for my opportunity to pursue a lifelong dream of living abroad while teaching in Japan!