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Watson Fellowship


This prestigious fellowship enables exceptionally promising liberal arts college graduates to undertake a “Wanderjahr” - a year of independent study and travel following graduation. Instead of enrolling at universities overseas, Fellows design and pursue travel and research projects reflecting their own abiding interest. 
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Who can apply: Seniors who wish to pursue a personal yet translatable project after graduation

Previous Ursinus Recipients

Codey Young ’14
Releasing the Caged Bird: Chronicling Artistic Expressions of Black Masculinity
(Dominican Republic, Brazil, Germany, France)

Andrey Bilko ’10, “Rebirth of Judaism in the Post-Soviet World” (Germany, Czech Republic, Hungary, Latvia, Kazakhstan, Russia)

Kelsey Threatte ’09, “Voice and Veil: The Power and Impact of Arab Women Poets on Society” (United Arab Emirates, Jordan, Tunisia, Morocco)

Jesse Kremenak ’08, “A Vehicle for Expression: The Customized Automobile” (Japan, China, Australia, India, Czech Republic)

Katherine Ringler ’07, “A Mission of Charity: Following the Footsteps of Mother Teresa” (Macedonia, Ireland, India, Venezuela, Italy, Tanzania, China)

Markus Weise ’07, “‘On your left!’: Making and Maintaining Bicycle Culture in Cities” (Namibia, Bangladesh, Vietnam, Tanzania)

Joseph Klim ’03, “On the Piste, Off the Piste, and Everything In-between” (New Zealand, Japan, Austria, Norway)

Aaron Ranck ’02, “Cultivating the Earth: Agrarian Life” (Brazil, Jordan, Tanzania)