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Marisa Gretz


As a Summer Fellow, my research focused on the cognitive deficits brought on as a result of concussion. Since my sophomore year, I have been working in the lab focusing on this topic of research. This past summer, I was able to take the data collected overtime and compose a paper for publication.

Our lab is concerned with further understanding the complications of this injury, as well as, establishing an outreach program to increase prevention and effective treatment.

What Was Valuable About the Experience

I was exposed to all areas of the lab which gave me the full experience of conducting a research project. I had the unique opportunity of working on data collection through the use of EEG, data analysis with SPSS, and translating the findings into a paper.

The Coolest Part of the Experience

Having this opportunity at the undergraduate level was amazing. The chance to work with a faculty mentor over the summer when you aren’t balancing classes allows you to learn a great deal of information about working in the lab. This really helped me get a better understanding of my strengths and possible career paths.

Who I Met that Made a Difference

My research mentor, Dr. Joel Bish, had the most impact on my Summer Fellows experience. He guided me through the stages of my project, always providing insight and helping me get the most out of my experience. He allowed me to work independently which allowed me to have a hands-on experience as opposed to just going through the motions.


Neuroscience & Psychology


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