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Nathan Rein

Nathan Rein has been teaching at Ursinus since 2002. His main field is the history of the Protestant Reformation in Germany. His research has focused in particular on the relationship between religious and political identity as reflected in popular publications and visual culture. His recent publications have examined the overlap between early modern history and questions in the theory of religion. His first book, The Chancery of God, was published in 2008 with Ashgate, and his work has appeared in the Journal of the American Academy of Religion, in Method and Theory in the Study of Religion, and elsewhere. At Ursinus, he teaches courses on the history of Christianity, on religious diversity, and on the theory of religion, as well as contributing regularly to the Common Intellectual Experience program. He lives in Phoenixville, PA with his wife and two children, as well as three cats, two rabbits, and a pet white rat. 


Associate Professor of Religious Studies
Assistant Dean for Academic Affairs
Co-Director, Ursinus Institute Student Success


Philosophy and Religious Studies


  • B.A., Columbia University
  • Ph.D., Harvard University


  • World Religions (RELS-111)
  • What Is Religion? (RELS-212)
  • Christianity: An Introduction (RELS-233)
  • Religion and Violence (RELS-327)
  • Religious Diversity in Southeastern Pennsylvania (RELS-328)
  • The Protestant Reformation (RELS-365)
  • CIE 1 and CIE 2

Research Interests

History of Christianity 
The Protestant Reformation in Germany 
Theory of Religion
Religion and violence

Recent Work