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Andrew Sallavanti

Senior Parlee Center Fellow

I have a passion for the sciences and understanding the implications that they have in our lives. Helping those that are less fortunate is also an important value of mine. The Parlee Center provides me with a great opportunity to learn how to comprehend scientific topics so that I can knowledgeably discuss them with the public. The lessons I learn from the Parlee Center will assist me after Ursinus, as I will be attending medical school to become a physician.

My Major/ Minor/ Campus Organizations 

Major in Biology / Minor in Spanish / Clubs Minority Association of Pre-Medical Students, Student Awareness of Transplant Recipients (SATR), and Ultimate Frisbee.

My favorite CSCG events     

My CSCG courses

IDS-256 (Decoding Science); Span 202 (Hisp Lit & Cult), ANTH-251 (Biological Anthropology); SPAN-252 (Surv Lat Am Lit); SPAN-308 (Culture & Medicine); POL-336 (Science and the Common Good)

My Research

I am a research assistant in Dr. Beth Bailey’s lab. We are studying the physiological stress the heart undergoes when mice are subjected to exercise and pregnancy. This lab focuses on the adaptations of the heart when exposed to sustained stress. 

I also had an internship at a research biotech company called Genisphere. I assisted with cancer research and worked on improving the delivery efficiency of drug molecules to cancer cells. 3DNA was used as a delivery molecule to which the drug and targeting molecules were attached.  

My CSCG Internship 

During the summer of 2017, I had a research internship at the Penn State College of Medicine. I worked with microfluidic devices to study endothelial cells growing under continuous flow, making the cell culture conditions closer to microvessels in vivo. The validation of the microchannel networks allows us to better replicate in vitro microvascular research, with the ability to properly visualize and quantitatively assess EC permeability. Research in this area could potentially provide a therapeutic target for inflammation-induced microvessel dysfunction.

Life After Ursinus

Once I graduate from Ursinus I will be attending medical school. I have had many volunteer and clinical experiences that will prepare me for a future in the medical field.  I am passionate about assisting others, and a career like this will be ideal.