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Zana Lee

2015 FUTURE Student

I aspire to become an Osteopathic OB/GYN and an entrepreneur. During my time in the FUTURE program, I studied underneath Dr. Rebecca Lyczak and studied developmental biology using Caenorhabditis elegans (very tiny worms). The FUTURE program has helped me slowly begin to become acclimated to college life. I was able to live in the dorms, meet upperclassmen who were participating in Summer Fellows, and learn about Collegeville. Now, as a freshman, I can manage my time better and continue doing research during the academic year. The FUTURE program has helped me take my first step toward my dream. 

My Major / Minor / Campus Organizations

Biology or African American and Africana Studies / Business or language 

My Research

I work under Dr. Rebecca Lyczak in the developmental biology laboratory. I study genetic mutations using C. elegans with my mentor Alyse Brewer. Specifically, we are trying to find the location of a specific suppressor that is allowing C. elegans eggs to hatch even after fatal affects from a lethal genetic mutation. 

Life After Ursinus

I plan to attend Rowan University’s Osteopathic Medical and begin my own research project that will evolve into a business. FUTURE African American Muslim Female Leader.