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Olivia Tierney

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Computer Science, Finance, Statistics


  • Varsity Women’s Swimming
  • American Statistical Association -Secretary 
  • Wismer on Wheels Volunteer 


I was inspired by the professors of mathematics at Ursinus to be pursue a degree in mathematics.  All of the teachers are passionate about what they do and are always willing to help their students. I was also impressed with all of the work and research experience that professors and alumni were able to complete with a degree in mathematics. 

Most Memorable Moment in Class

My most memorable moment was the first time I met with my advisor, Akshaye. He introduced me to an alumni that currently works as an actuary. She guided me through the process of becoming an actuary and has acted as a mentor from that moment on. This has been extremely useful in choosing my career path. 

My Experience


This summer I worked as a software engineering intern at Comcast Cable. I worked on a developing software that automated set-top box testing. I also worked on creating finance spreadsheets, organizing user guides, and determining business processes to sync on and off shore teams. My favorite project was automating a social media response system for customers on Twitter.  

Life After Ursinus

After graduation I hope to use my math degree to pass the actuarial exams. As an actuary I would like to work in either the insurance industry or the technology industry. I believe that a degree in mathematics and minors in computer science, finance, and statistics will allow me to achieve my goals.