Health and Exercise Physiology

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Kelly McLaughlin


Health and Exercise Physiology


Gymnastics and the HEART lab

How I Stay Involved

My advice is to find what you are passionate about and never lose sight of it. My passion for health and wellness, as well as gymnastics, led me to this campus. These passions have opened and continue to open so many doors for me. Ursinus is full of passionate people. I’m thankful to be surrounded by individuals who are just as passionate for health and wellness as I am. It’s because of this school and the Health and Exercise Physiology department that I am certain I know what I want to pursue post-graduation. I wouldn’t want to spend these four years anywhere else.

My Experience

Who I met at Ursinus that made a difference

There hasn’t been a single person I met along the way that hasn’t helped make a difference in my college experience here at Ursinus. Every professor I’ve ever crossed paths with always has an open office door and an ear ready to listen. The tight-knit community Ursinus creates between both faculty and students allows for support and friendship every step of the way. It’s reassuring to know if you ever need help in a class or just solid piece of advice, you can always find somebody on campus that will gladly offer up their knowledge.


What I enjoyed about my Ursinus Experience

My favorite part of my Ursinus Experience is having the opportunity to pursue everything that I am passionate about. Having the ability to continue my gymnastics career, maintain a rigorous academic schedule, and participate in clinical research as an undergrad may not have been possible if I went to a larger school. Through these experiences I have learned valuable lessons and skills I will be able carry with me long after my time here at Ursinus is completed.

Life After Ursinus

My goal is to obtain a Doctorate of Physical Therapy. I ultimately want to become a certified sports physical therapist.