Health and Exercise Physiology

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Kerri-Anne Ciesielka


Health Exercise Physiology




Best Buddies, Women’s Soccer

My Experience

What I enjoyed about my Ursinus Experience

I am so thankful that I was able to call Ursinus College my second home.  As a Health Exercise Physiology major you become so invested in the classes and professors that you begin to go to class with a smile each and every day.  The type of atmosphere I was privileged enough to join, was incredible.  From family days, to homecoming and getting invited to professor’s houses for dinner, I couldn’t ask for anything better.  This is the type of school that students won’t just walk away with the education they want, but with the friends that turned into family and the better person they later became.

Who I met at Ursinus that made a difference

Throughout my time at Ursinus, I was fortunate enough to have a special bond with my professors and the staff due to the great community that we have.  A big thank you to the HEP department for helping me develop into the person I am today and for helping me realize that there is a life outside of school and I can do anything I set my mind to.  I’ll always be reminded of Tina Wailgum’s life lessons and carry them with me on my future endeavors.


Remember you only have four years to make a mark, be sure to make a good one.  Study hard and listen to your professors, they know what they are talking about.

Life After Ursinus

I hope to see myself in the public health field and getting my feet wet in helping those individuals in need.