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James Marrone

Class Year






Internship Location

Indeed, NY


Indeed is a search engine for jobs that allows people to search for jobs by position name and/or location. Firms are also able to sponsor themselves to advertise positions.  At Indeed I learned how to leverage job analytics as well as industry trends in order to get employers to use our site effectively. I utilized the client management system to focus on helping clients. I also completed needs analysis to shows companies how Indeed could help their company. As an Account Executive one must learn how to solve a client’s problem in a cost effective and efficient way.

Skills Utilized

  • mathematical analysis 
  • work with graphs
  • business etiquette 

Who I Met that Made a Difference

My mentor made a huge impact on my internship. He taught me the tricks to helping customers and how to interact with customers. He also gave me a book The Rejection Proof byJia Jiang. This book discusses the fear of “no.” The book taught me to never be afraid of someone saying “no” whether it be in sales, for help, a new job position, or anything else.  

Future Implications

I will be working at Indeed after graduation. The sales experience I will get at Indeed will help my career immensely. I will learn how to understand a customer. The knowledge and work I complete at Indeed will help me for my ultimate goal to work in pharmaceutical sales.