Mathematics, Computer Science and Statistics

Frank DeVone standing in front of his presentation
Frank DeVone standing in front of his presentation

Frank DeVone


Math & Physics


Statistics & Computer Science

Current Position

Life Insurance Policy Analyst


Legacy Advisors LLC

Impact of Ursinus

Ursinus helped me create the diverse portfolio that got me the job. At Legacy I’ve had to use code (Comp Sci.), a lot of Excel (Math and Stat), and I’ve had to learn to explain things in a way such that those outside my department can understand (Physics).  So I feel like I’m using everything I got during my four years at Ursinus.

Piece of Advice

Don’t panic! It’s easy to be afraid about what happens after you graduate.  But you’r post-undergrad can be fluid; go to grad school, or work a little first.  Take on jobs that maybe don’t fit what you were originally looking for and you’ll be surprised what you enjoy.  Don’t shoehorn yourself onto one path, get stable first and then you’ll find that there are a lot of doors open to you.  Also do Summer Fellows if you can while you’re at Ursinus!  It’s one of the best programs the school offers.