Mathematics, Computer Science and Statistics

Julia Senkevich posing with a large sombrero
Julia Senkevich posing with a large sombrero

Julia Senkevich

Class Year






Internship Location

New Jersey


I worked with and shadowed multiple civil engineers who work with water distribution and waste management. I utilized their geographical information system to map out United Water’s services. Then, I was able to determine if road work by other organizations could be done without interfering the water company’s pipes. In addition, I was able to observe some fieldwork, and learned the procedure that goes into these jobs. 

Skills Utilized

  • Problem solving
  • critical thinking
  • computer systems
  • analysis of information
  • measuring techniques
  • drawing to scale

Future Implications

To help in my pursuit of becoming a civil engineer. 

The Coolest Part of the Experience

Going out in the field and observing the different jobs they were working on such as laying new main down, and valve replacements.