Modern Languages

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Allison Lubczanski

Why did you decide to become a language major? 

Stemming from my French heritage, I have always been interested in language, first as a means of communicating with my family overseas. I started taking French classes in the 8th grade and continued them until now, picking up a few Spanish classes along the way as well. The beauty and subtlety of the French language and the passion and complexity of her culture have captivated me since a young age and I hope to use the knowledge I gain from this major to incorporate international relationships into the pharmaceutical field that I wish to enter. 

What has been your most rewarding experience in your language major so far? 

Meeting and becoming friendly with Dr. Colette Trout was a truly rewarding experience. Her passionate and precise knowledge and genuine love for all her students made learning in her class the utmost pleasure. 

What are your plans after Ursinus? 

I plan to attend pharmacy school after my four years at Ursinus. It’s always been a hope of mine to travel to a French speaking country and administer pharmaceutical benefits to those in need as a volunteer opportunity. 


French, BCMB


Escape Velocity Dance Company, Kappa Delta Kappa Sorority, Phoenixville Area Positive Alternatives (tutoring volunteering)