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Clara Kiss

Why did you decide to become a language major? 

Coming into Ursinus, I knew that I wanted to continue my French studies from high school; there was always the possibility of completing a minor. During my second semester at Ursinus, I had a meeting with my French professor (Dr. Colette Trout) who just so happened to casually mention the requirements for a language major, and she encouraged me to look them over. I thought about it for probably only a week before going to my freshman advisor to fill out the necessary paperwork. Dr. Trout, in particular, made the process and the department extremely approachable, and she gave me the warmest welcome to the program that I have probably ever received for anything in my life.

What has been your most rewarding experience in your language major so far? 

Since I joined the French program, my professors have been nothing but supportive. They’ve given me indispensable advice for improving both my written and oral French skills as well as providing me with the cultural knowledge I would need to spark up conversations with French speakers in France or in Francophone countries, with international students in the U.S. or students abroad. I also know that my classmates–particularly those who are sticking with me to complete majors–are people on whom I can rely so that we all will get the most out of our studies.

What are your plans after Ursinus? 

As a mere nineteen-year-old, how can I definitively say where I’ll end up? However, the plan of the moment is to simultaneously apply for the Foreign Service (if I can pass the test) and graduate school; hopefully I’ll be presented with an easy choice by getting into one or the other.


French, International Relations




UC Theater Department, Breakaway Student Productions, CIE Fellow, French Tutor, Writing Fellow