Ursinus College Magazine

Spring 2015


After reading The Ties that Bind, a story that explores the Phi Alpha Psi sorority in the March 2015 issue of Ursinus Magazine, you’ll discover how members of the oldest Greek organization on campus continue to support one another long after graduation. With over 850 members, the sisters in this alumnae affinity group, are living around the world, but still call Ursinus home. Also in this issue, Battling Ebola, a profile on the work of Dr. Lisa Injaian Hoover ’06. She is investigating how to develop a vaccine for this highly contagious and infectious disease. Her research at the United States Army Medical Research Institute of Infectious Diseases could potentially protect millions of people from Ebola.

In Wordsmith, Dr. Rachel Jessica Daniel ’06 explores the path she took toward a career in teaching and writing after a meeting with Dr. Nzadi Keita. Currently a Poet-in-Residence and Associate Professor of English, Dr. Keita convinced Daniel to pursue a path she had not considered. For those who wonder what makes a good relationship thrive, read Don’t Go Changing. Professor Brent Mattingly, Assistant Professor of Psychology, talks about love and how to nurture our own individual identities. In addition, read about the fresh start for the Philadelphia Wings Lacrosse team which recently moved to Connecticut and are now called the Black Wolves. Trustee Brad Brewster ’74 explains why the move made great business sense.

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