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Allison Lubczanski

What I Love about Writing

Whether it’s in English or French, I love the scientific and artistic aspects of writing; finding the perfect words and working to put them together in the perfect order to portray even a very complex thought with complete clarity. Writing gives me that clarity when my mind is foggy with ideas and I love the feeling of accomplishment once I’ve produced something tangible. 

Class Year



Allentown, PA


BCMB and French

Most Memorable Moment in Class

I loved the open discussion-based classroom and how the class was able to talk genuinely about many topics, even some that could be considered controversial. I felt connected with my classmates and respected by them as well as my teachers. By the end, we had all bonded over the class (whether the insightful articles we read or the workload) and we had a movie night at Talia’s house!

How I Stay Involved

Writing Fellows, Escape Velocity student-run dance company, volunteer at Phoenixville Area Positive Alternatives, Kappa Delta Kappa Sorority

Life After Ursinus

After my four years here, I hope to attend pharmacy school and start working for a pharmaceutical company, perhaps abroad in a French-speaking country. At some point, I hope to do some long-term philanthropic service opportunity like the Peace Corps.