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Photo of David Dickson
Photo of David Dickson

David (Dave) M. Dickson, Jr.

Impact of Ursinus

Who knows where I would be today without a college degree. Ursinus provided me with the ability to reason, to explore, to question and to work hard in an atmosphere of friendliness and caring. With that degree, I was able to get a good job and that job allowed me to see the world. My degree allowed me to convince my children to get their degrees and hopefully my grandchildren. It allowed me to put forth principles that I learned and to help others by giving back to my community in my retirement years. 

What is your favorite Ursinus memory?

At Homecoming, they had the various fraternities sponsor their favorite lady to be the Homecoming Queen. I was able to get an old Borgward Isabella convertible to take our lady around the track, and we won! Even though she was a lovely lady, we wondered if they voted for her or voted for the car. Joe Donia (president of the class at the time) married the lady who became Homecoming Queen!

Piece of Advice

There are so many things that are available today as far as careers. Don’t pigeonhole yourself into one unless it’s something like medicine where you’re dedicated to medicine, period. But there are things out there to do! In my day, we weren’t totally aware of those opportunities, whereas today, I think students have a broader scope of the world, of careers, and I think that’s great. You should be aware that with this changing world; you should not be afraid to change your career path at any time

Why I Support UC

Why wouldn’t you give something back to Ursinus? It certainly gave me an education that I have used over my lifetime (over 58 ½ years since I graduated). I will always look back fondly on my years at Ursinus – my learning experience, my teachers and my lifelong friends. Hard to put a price on that!

Why should others consider making a gift to Ursinus?

Everyone who comes in contact with Ursinus – from alumni, parents, faculty and friends –  should consider making a gift. I understand 98% of Ursinus students receive some sort of financial aid . Ursinus has a beautiful campus that must be maintained and the college must continue to attract a high level of faculty in order to give its students the excellent education that it’s known for. I’m sure there are many more reasons and all contribute to why Ursinus receives it’s high ranking in The Princeton Review and U.S. News and World Report. Just remember, it’s not the amount that you give but that the fact that you give and support a great college like Ursinus.