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Solana Warner

What I Love about Writing

I love how diverse and powerful writing can be - whether it be a poem, a gripping novel, or a profound memoir piece.  Writing is a way to get your opinions across in ways you wouldn’t be able to do or remember from a fleeting conversation. 

Class Year



Downingtown, PA




Creative Writing, Japanese

Most Memorable Moment in Class

Wow, there have been so many hilarious moments in all the classes I’ve taken. Putting aside a bunch of Japanese class jokes that would be indecipherable to anyone else, my favorite moment would have to be when my CIE professor Mike told the story of Hubert Herbert Huggle and the history of Hugglemas. Either that, or when my creative writing class took pictures together and wrote “Volkmer’s Army” on the board. 

How I Stay Involved

I regularly attend Lit Soc and GSA meetings and help with work on The Lantern.  I also go to the (underground) Nerf Club when I have time. 

An Unusual Fact about Me

I have a fifty gallon tank that I will someday fill with a glorious jellyfish army.