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Roseangela Hartford

What I Love about Writing

Writing serves as the ultimate method of communication and conveys messages that are sometimes difficult to articulate in speech. I am thankful for the ability to express my thoughts through a different lens based upon the context of writing.

Class Year



Pittsburgh, PA


International Relations and Spanish


Latin American Studies and Environmental Studies

How I Stay Involved

As an active Bonner Leader, I volunteer through the ESL program at Ursinus College, ACLAMO and Catholic Social Services. Also, I serve as the faculty liaison and member of the Ursinus Diversity Committee, sing in the B’Naturals female a capella group and further my writing skills as the Communications Green Fellow for the Office of Sustainability.

Life After Ursinus

After Ursinus College, I have dreams of becoming involved in the Peace Corps or a similar program that assists individuals in poverty or unhealthy circumstances. I hope to achieve a career where I can make a direct and positive impact on the world. Whether that career field includes law or another form of higher education, I am determined to continue learning. Most importantly, I am passionate about exploring different career interest paths that support my foundational goals to help others.

An Unusual Fact about Me

My beloved Subaru Legacy is coming up on twenty six years old and still runs like a charm.