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Ginger Vukas


1979, Parent (2018)

Why is Ursinus special to you and your family?

As a 1979 graduate of Ursinus, I have always believed that my chemistry degree coupled with business courses was instrumental to my career success. Now, over 35 years later, my biology major daughter has the opportunity to be a part of the family-oriented environment that Ursinus represents and to succeed as well.

As a parent, what do you feel has been the best part of your child’s experience at the college?

I believe that the ability of every student to have a personal relationship with their professor, as my daughter has had, is key to providing an outstanding education at Ursinus. In addition, the proactive and independent, yet supportive environment has been key to my daughter’s ongoing personal development.

What made you decide to give back to Ursinus?

I have always been grateful for the opportunities that Ursinus provided me through my degree, especially as it was the strong support of my professors that contributed to my completion of a rigorous academic program. I have been an active alumna for many years and enjoy reaching out to both new students and alumni.

Why should others consider making a gift to Ursinus?

I believe that making a gift to Ursinus will contribute to the future growth of the college and provide for more students to have the same (or even better) academic and social experience that will position them for career and personal success.