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Christopher Vukas


Parent (2018)

Why is Ursinus special to you and your family?

Ursinus College is special to my family and I believe that is because the faculty and         administration of Ursinus create a family culture that allows daily interaction with students. This interaction results in an environment where feedback is frequent and highly effective in shaping the students’ college experience and learning.

As a parent, what do you feel has been the best part of your child’s experience at the college?

Ursinus offers a multitude of opportunities from an academic, organizational and social perspective, which have enabled my daughter Sara to develop as a motivated, independent young adult fully empowered to take charge of her career.

What made you decide to give back to Ursinus?

I decided to give back to Ursinus because I think that the college can continue to grow by focusing on those students who can thrive through Ursinus’ personal education environment and who would otherwise languish in a larger impersonal college environment.  

Why should others consider making a gift to Ursinus?

Making a gift to Ursinus is making an investment in the future of your current student as well as supporting the broader goal of Ursinus’ long-term strategic plan.