• Photo of Christian and Holly Bormann

Christian and Holly Bormann


Parent (2018 and 2021)

Why is Ursinus special to you and your family?

Ursinus College is very special to us because we believe that our daughter (currently a sophomore) is having a unique experience that is atypical among colleges. She is engaged with the multiple activities involving faculty and staff, who are, themselves, equally engaged and passionate about their role at Ursinus. The atmosphere at Ursinus is authentic and caring.  

As a parent, what do you feel has been the best part of your child’s experience at the college?

In addition to the great friends and relationships our daughter has made at Ursinus, her experience in the Bonner Leadership Program has been particularly rewarding. She has found friends who share the same values, passions and commitment to serving others and this has solidified her feeling that Ursinus is the right place for her.

What made you decide to give back to Ursinus?

Ursinus is giving our daughter so much in terms of her experience and connection with the school. We feel as parents we are experiencing it too and what better way to participate with our daughter than to give something back to Ursinus? The Parents Leadership Council came along at a perfect time to allow us to do that. 

Why should others consider making a gift to Ursinus?

Ursinus offers a rare relationship between college and student that extends beyond the student to embrace his or her family. If other parents feel as strongly about their child’s experience at Ursinus as we do, then they have an opportunity to participate and contribute towards sustaining this wonderful relationship and environment at Ursinus.