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Joshua Bucur

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Internship Location

New Perspectives Health Care, Sparta, NJ


From May 18th through half of July, Joshua Bucur completed an internship at New Perspectives Health Care in New Jersey where he worked 36 hours a week. In order to obtain the internship, Bucur first had to have an interview with two of the nurse practitioners of New Perspectives Health Care. He found this internship through a family friend who heard that he was interested in working in the medical field specifically as a nurse practitioner. He was then given the opportunity to meet with the owners of New Perspectives Health Care. Joshua’s typical day began at 8:00 AM in the office where he would work the front desk for a couple of hours until the office secretary arrived. At the front desk, he would make appointments and handle some of the billing. “I also assisted in ACO (Accountable Care Organization) statistic retrieving and documentation,” Joshua added. In the afternoon, he would observe the nurse practitioners and examinations. In addition, Joshua states that the most challenging part of the internship was understanding how to deal with each individual patient, diagnosing them correctly, and learning how to diagnose them.

Skills Utilized

Some of the skills that Bucur had to utilize during his internship included computer skills, hands-on skills, and most importantly, communication skills. He feels as though this internship improved his communication skills. Lastly, he believes that these skills will help him in the future because he will have to deal with patients and other people in the workplace, making communication the key to his success.

Who I Met that Made a Difference

Even after his internship, Joshua has been keeping in touch with the nurse practitioners.  As he states, “They are a great reference for me because they know many people in the medical field and are willing to introduce me to new professionals.” Bucur believes the connections he made in the workplace are very important as well. “These people can help me find a job or help me get an interview and they are always willing to allow me to come in and learn more.”

Future Implications

Joshua feels more prepared for the amount of work and dedication that any job requires. This internship changed him personally and as a student. It allowed him to grow into a responsible individual and taught him time management. He learned valuable information about the medical industry, including how Medicare and Medicaid benefit many individuals, how some patients need to be seen a certain amount of times so they can be qualified for these programs, and that the office can be accredited and paid. 

The Coolest Part of the Experience

According to Bucur, the coolest part of the experience was being allowed to work in the lab and perform different types of assessments. His favorite aspect of the internship was shadowing the nurse practitioners and being able to interact with the patients. “I got to understand certain procedures and how to deal with patients. Also, I really enjoyed performing specific tests such as urinalysis and reading blood tests.”


Joshua advises, “Internships are one of the best ways to network and meet many individuals.” He would definitely recommend this internship to anyone who wants to pursue the career of a nurse practitioner.